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You’ve seen it on TV, now offer it in your gym! P90X® LIVE is a group-focused total body strength and cardio class that incorporates proven principles from personal training and functional strength coaching.


Customers will line up for proven programs because they have delivered results to thousands of people worldwide. You’re just steps away from jumping into the spotlight as an Instructor.


Learn to lead your Beachbody LIVE classes from a Master Trainer—hand-selected and trained to make sure you leave with the materials, inspiration, and know-how to teach your class, whether or not you’ve ever taught before.

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Get continued guidance from Master Trainers to rock your Instructor experience—long after training is over. Plus, you’ll be eligible to join PRO Team to get new workouts, marketing materials, and more!

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No other programming can help you attract new members—and retain current ones—like P90X. With powerful brand recognition, an aggressive TV presence, and a reputation for delivering amazing results, P90X can transform your gym too!


By adding P90X LIVE classes to your gym schedule, you can tap into the proven power of America's most popular and most effective fitness brand to attract new members, and refresh your programming to retain current members. Plus, with no licensing fee, it's a no-brainer!


Ready to create a community of friendly competition, encouragement, and personal fitness breakthroughs—at YOUR gym?


Don't miss this chance to offer the popular P90X LIVE classes at your facility.

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